JT Tradition of Staffing Presidential Inaugurals Continues

Every four years we honor our commitment to democracy, as imperfect as it might be, by inaugurating a new President of the United States. One way or another, JT has been part of that process for a good many years. Last Friday was no exception, as VP Andrew Jasculca proudly served as Advance Lead for President and Mrs. Carter at the Inaugural. It was a privilege as the Carters were joined by President and Mrs. Bush (43) and President and Secretary Clinton as President and Mrs. Obama escorted the Trumps to The Capitol for the swearing in of President Trump. 

I supported a different candidate in the election and likely will have many disagreements with our new President on issues and policy. And I proudly salute the hundreds of thousands who peacefully marched at the Women’s March in DC, and other cities, because that too honors our imperfect democracy.

We only fail as Americans if we choose not to participate in democracy. May God Bless the United States of America on the long, sometimes challenging road ahead.