Beware of B: Meningitis B Vaccination Campaign

On a Saturday afternoon in March of 1988, teenager Laura Lynn Loken suddenly developed a fever and headache after spending the day with friends. These common flu-like symptoms quickly turned deadly, as the meningitis B bacteria took over Laura’s body. Within 24 hours, Laura was gone.

This fall – as students head back to school – JT is working closely with Laura’s younger sister, Dr. Karla Loken, and the Indiana Immunization Coalition (IIC) to drive a major awareness campaign across the state of Indiana to educate college students and their parents about the new meningitis B vaccination, and to make it easy to obtain the important protection needed.

JT came up with a name – Beware of B – and developed a webpage for the IIC website featuring statistics and downloadable materials for universities to use in their outreach to students and families. Walgreens got involved and worked to stock up the vaccine near college campuses all over the state. So far we have secured dozens of TV, radio and print stories and op ed placement

As school begins, we are shifting to direct university work, in their social channels, through direct outreach, and parent and student communication vehicles.