Our People

Vice Chairman

What would you be doing if you weren't working at JT?

When I was working in the White House in 1980, if Jimmy Carter would have beat Ronald Reagan, I would likely still be a Washington bureaucrat.

As co-founder of Jasculca Terman, Jim is actively involved in many of the firm’s projects. He oversees work on crisis communications assignments and directs JT’s corporate administration. He has over three decades of experience in public affairs and public relations, serving as senior strategist on a variety of projects including health, education and environmental issue advocacy. Jim’s crisis communications work at JT has included numerous projects that focus on product liability, labor disputes, employee-related negligence, litigation, zoning and expansion-related issues, as well as mergers and public accusations of hospital and employee misconduct.

Prior to establishing JT, Jim served in the White House as associate counsel to Vice President Walter Mondale. He also served on the advance team for President Clinton’s visits to South Korea, Berlin and Moscow, as well as several U.S. cities. Previously, Jim served as counsel to U.S. Senator Adlai Stevenson III and was an attorney in private practice. He holds degrees from both the University of Denver and the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent College of Law.