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Account Executive

What's your most memorable JT moment?

Staffing the Advocate Gala..aka standing front row, having a total fan-girl moment watching Aretha Franklin perform.

Whether she is brainstorming story ideas or picking up the phone to pitch a reporter, Margaret Brennan is an energetic and creative team player who can think on her feet and, no matter what the challenge, figure out a way to get the job done.

She joined Jasculca Terman in 2014 as an intern – and after a brief stint working at an e-commerce company – returned to take a position on our media strategies team in early 2016.

Her keen instincts and nuanced understanding of the media quickly made her an asset. Margaret helps clients develop messaging, identify impactful stories and, of course, to secure coverage in both local and national media.

Margaret earned her bachelor’s degree in strategic communications and marketing from Miami University. She currently serves on the board of the Red Shoe Society Chicago for the Ronald McDonald House.